Just Look and Cook Series

The Just Look and Cook books use a simple text-free method, photographic illustrations and an uncomplicated measuring system which sets this concept apart and makes simple cooking accessible to almost everybody. The books are filled with simple, easy to manage recipes, but more than that; they are also compiled with consideration and compassion. The text free cookbooks contain simple, economical & nutritious recipes that are presented to the user through a series of photographs. Each recipe includes a detachable shopping list & uses everyday ingredients & basic kitchen equipment, allowing the user to cook a variety of delicious dishes.

Author: Eileen Kirrane >>

Note: Due to unprecedented sales I have just ordered a reprint of Just Look and Cook Book 1. While it is going to print on Tuesday Dec 1st  I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. However I can guarantee that as soon as the books arrive I will fulfill all orders within 2 days. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.  Eileen

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