In early October JP (my better half), our friend Judy and myself set off for the UK by ferry. Unbelievably this was our first ever ferry trip. We are both home birds nature so it was a real event for us.

Been a self-published author can be very stressful. I had sent off my “book” mid-august and was expecting to have it back by mid Sept.   Well delays are inevitable but let me tell you when I saw the lorry containing Just Look and Cook 2  pull in at 5.15pm pm Tuesday Oct 1st I was very relieved. Straight into our rental van they went to be ready for an early start Wednesday morning. Phew!!

Anyway we arrived in London on the Wednesday night and were very thankful to arrive at our complimentary B&B with our UK cousins Margaret & Noel

The TES Show is an annual event showcasing educational products and services for special needs. What a time we had !! Everyone was so interested in our books and could see the potential  for their students/children.  To have people thanking me for developing the Just Look and Cook series was amazing. We made loads of contacts and were very pleased we had taken the trip.

Did I say trip?? Well I may have taken people literally when they told me to go on a trip that I deserved a break !!  So I had a little trip in Dublin on the way home and broke my arm.  Mmm! Oh well recovered now and back to my catering, courses, and promoting my cookbooks.

Thanks to Judy and Margaret for the support at the show and to Rose holding the fort at home.

Chat again soon Eileen xx