Just Look and Cook Series

An innovative way to cook. No need to weigh – use mugs & spoons instead.

(Available: Just Look and Cook 1,  Just Look and Cook 2 and the set)

The Just Look and Cook books use a simple text-free method, photographic illustrations and an uncomplicated measuring system which sets this concept apart and makes simple cooking accessible to almost everybody. The books are filled with simple, easy to manage recipes, but more than that; they are also compiled with consideration and compassion. The text free cookbooks contain simple, economical & nutritious recipes that are presented to the user through a series of photographs. Each recipe includes a detachable shopping list & uses everyday ingredients & basic kitchen equipment, allowing the user to cook a variety of delicious dishes.

If you are a person who is frequently put off by having to read instructions while doing a job at the same time, if you are a professional dealing with people with additional needs or if you are simply a parent who might like to get your kids involved in simple cooking at an early age, these books will be your perfect companion.

Designed with a broad range of people in mind, children, college students, young mothers, men, people with literacy difficulties, people with intellectual disabilities. These spiral bound hard backed books are invaluable to beginner cooks everywhere. They provide an excellent way to develop independent living skills, and are the perfect introduction to cooking.

The Just Look and Cook series are so versatile and can be used by every member of the family.

Are you one of those people who hate reading instructions while completing a task? Do you prefer to see pictures rather than read about something? Do you work with people with literacy difficulties or intellectual disabilities?

  • Text free cookery books – The original Just Look and Cook and Just Look and Cook Book 2.
  • Every step shown through photographs.
  • No weighing scales – use cups and spoons instead.
  • Basic utensils and ingredients.
  • Grab ‘n go shopping lists.

Successfully used by people with limited cooking skills, children. College students and people with disabilities.

Dishes to Cook

  • Mushroom soup, Salmon with pesto, Pitta with turkey and brie, Easy pizza, Chilli with baked potato, Lamb casserole, Garlic potatoes, Spinach quiche, Roast chicken dinner, Real Hot chocolate, Fruit smoothie, Bread & butter pudding, Chocolate biscuit cake, Fruit scones, Brown soda bread, Yoghurt crunch, Porridge
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Just Look and Cook Book 1

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So come on, follow my hands & get cooking.
Everyday recipes made simple, even for the absolute beginner.

Just Look and Cook has been an massive hit with the students here at IT Sligo. The book is detailed but very easy to follow and I believe that it is a must have for any student heading away to college for the first time.

Kevin O’ Grady – President of IT Sligo Students’ Union, IT Sligo

The students in our Centre have found Just Look and Cook a very attractive book when I showed it to them. The clear photos and step by step methods make it very easy to understand and the shopping list simplifies purchasing what is needed. We are planning a  ‘Life after Youthreach’ Summer Programme and as it is so good I intend to use it more fully as a practical guide to our learners who are moving on to the Big World!!! My daughter, a student in London, has found it very helpful for herself and fellow students who have English as a second language and also for those who do not have a weighing scales.

Martina, Co-ordinator, Carlow Youthreach

As a paediatric OT I found this book an excellent resource for teaching independent skills for children with Autism. It develops many skills in relation to following the sequence of a task and concentration. Organisational skills and confidence are also improved with the help of the clear visual steps. The shopping lists are a great idea and helps reduce anxieties when starting to learn a new skill. Overall this book is great for teaching a wide range of life skills that will be important for future independence and of course it’s fun.

Mairead Giblin , Occupational Therapist